E-cigarette facts you should consider


E-cigarettes were rather obscure 10 years ago, but in the intervening years they have exploded in popularity in the United States. Today, you can not only just buy e-cigarettes and their accessories online, but you can also find dozens of local e-cigarette stores in your local neighborhood. This makes it very easy for e-cigarettes users to get what they need.

Despite this, some people remain ignorant about certain e-cigarette facts, so I will try to provide some clarification.

1. E-cigarettes are just as bad as tobacco smoking. This used to be a prevalent misconception, but many experts have weighed in, and there seems to be a consensus that e-cigarettes aren't great for your health, but they are much better than regular smoking. You could say it is the much lesser of two evils.

2. E-cigarettes don't contain nicotine. In most cases, this is simply untrue. The vast majority of e-liquids you purchase will contain some amount of nicotine. The good news, however, is that you can customize the amount of nicotine that is put in your e-liquid. In some instances you can even buy e-liquids with zero nicotine content.

3. E-cigarette explosions are a common risk. While explosions do occur, the chances of something like that happening to you is very, very slim. Moreover, if you stick to trusted brands like Halo Cigs and avoid the complicated batteries called mods, the chance of any explosion happening is virtually eliminated. (Make sure you use Halo Cigs coupons and promo codes.)

Granted, if you want to buy the most reputable brands of e-cigarettes such as Halo Cigs, it can often cost you a bit more money than buying cheap batteries from Chinese sellers. But in the end, I have found that it is worthwhile to spend the extra money. And if money is a concern, you can always use online coupons and promo codes to bring down the cost. Another option is to buy a lot of products at once, since this often results in you getting free shipping offer and extra discounts.

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