Free Games Online, Anyone?


Just about anyone I know likes to get things for free. Free samples, free trials, free food... it's all good. But one caveat that a lot of people don't always consider is that most of the time, you get what you pay for. Just think about it: If something had true value, why would anyone give it away for free? And even if a free item does have something to offer, we tend to value them less precisely because we got it for free. This causes us to not take care of it or let it fall into disuse. Therefore, while the concept of getting something for free is attractive, it doesn't always work out the way we first imagine.

The one big exception to this general rule are online games. I must admit, I was first skeptical of games you can play for free, but since then, I have become a true believer. There are quite a few quality games you can play for free. They range for MMORPGs to simple games like poker. But across the board, I have found they are quite fun to play. Even when you're playing a game that is based on a real-life game, such as chess or slots, the online experience adds a bit more, such as sound effects and oftentimes a beautiful interface.

Are these games as good as games you pay money for? In some cases they are, but this is not always true. This is why people who play free games should still consider playing paid games as well. For this, I have a Gamefly account, which you can get as well by clicking this free trial link here. This membership site allows me to rent games out and they are sent to me via mail. I can then play them as long as I like and return the game when I'm done. I've used Gamely for years and recommend the service to all serious games of all stripes.

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