Consumers: Beware of Ink Costs

Anyone buying a new inkjet printer has much to think about. For example, they need to ask themselves if they are getting a quality printer. This is easy enough to determine by printing out some sample pages at the computer or office store you are shopping at. Other things to keep in mind are how fast the printer prints its pages, which is usually represented by something called PPM, or pages per minute. Once again, you can either observe the speed of the printer as you print documents at the store, or you can simply google this information for your printer brand.

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But there are also quite a few things you need to keep in mind, which aren't immediately obvious. Things like printer reliability and longevity come to mind. For information about thngs like this, your best resource is often the web. Reading review on Amazon and CNET, for example, can save you a lot of hassle down the road if they help you avoid the more poorly rated printers. And lastly, there is the matter of ink. It's often frustrating to buy a good printer, then discover that even if you got a good price on the printer, you will end up paying quite a bit for ink costs. It's best, therefore, to know what the potential ink costs for a printer will be before you make a purchase. But if you have already purchased the printer, the best option is to buy ink from cheap ink stores like Inkfarm, for which you can frequently get Ink farm promo codes and coupons. Even then, you will still end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ink throughout the life of your printer. That's why I recommend all people who are thinking of buying a printer to determine how costly ink cartridges will be for your printer model when they are doing their initial shopping.

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